Gene Jone aka DVDJ G-FUNK refuses to settle for one type of music or technology. Transitioning from audio with records and digital turntables to a distinct dimension with video has allowed G-FUNK to experiment with various effects, and all the while, he has never feared to try new things. G-FUNK's innovative style and daringness to dream has skyrocketed his career, which includes being a National Demonstrator for PIONEER Pro DJ, a Producer for the nationally recognized Video Assassins and Klutch Beat Bootique, and internationally recognized as a Club World Awards nominee.

Based in Denver, DVDJ G-FUNK performs his live video mix shows at prestigious lounges, nightclubs and private events throughout Colorado and around the globe for PIONEER Pro DJ, Dance Trax and Starkey Productions. He has performed at venues in the Bahamas, Hollywood; Sacramento; Santa Ana/Newport Beach; L.A.; Las Vegas; Aspen; Denver; Colorado Springs; Minneapolis; Chicago; Atlantic City; Des Moines; Boston; Tumon; West Palm Beach; Providence; Detroit, Phoenix and Miami.

A veteran DJ for over two decades, DVDJ G-FUNK programs all his mixes and mashups with videos from old-school, retro, hip-hop, electro and current hits so you can SEE and HEAR his live performance. This professional A/V artist never spins a dull moment as he entertains the crowd on and off the dance floor. DVDJ G-FUNK is the future of DJ Entertainment and the Revolution of Digital Video Disc Jockeys - Seeing is Believing.

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